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What is the CPR-Plugin?

CPR is Comments Post Rewriter Plugin and is a WordPress plugin to stop comment spam before (*) they will become visible on your weblog.

What is comment spam?

Spammers are more tricky these days. Wherever there is a guestbook, forum or weblog with "open doors" to the public they will add guestbook signs or just even these comments in blogs to get more links on their fraud pages. But why? Well, they want to get higher ranked in search engine index.

To add something important here: Blogs and guestbooks are not the reason for comment spam (wikispam, linkspam). It is more the PageRank(TM) technology which Google has established some years ago.

What is this page about?

The main reason for this page is to show people how much spam would be visible on blogs without the CPR plugin. And surely the second reason for this page is to show a cool counter... ;-)

Why is the effectivity sometimes very low? And what is it anyway?

The so called effectivity shall not show how good or bad the CPR plug-in is doing it's job. It shall show instead how much spam was already killed by it. That sometimes the effectivity is sometimes very low has the simple reason for that a new blog with lots of already approved comments has started using the CPR plug-in. So CPR has not stopped so much spam there.

The engine behind this page

This page is powered by Phella which is free software! :-)

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